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The Scheduling Issue with Homeschooling

Homeschool teachers know that students progress through certain subjects faster than others and that the "standard" school year planning books don't work well as some subjects are more quickly mastered than others. Thus, it becomes a headache to try and schedule a weeks worth of lessons (every Sunday night, of course) knowing that a portion of last weeks lessons must be copied forward for next week (a waste of teacher time). There must be a better way to utilize the teacher's time for instruction and minimize time for bookkeeping. This online application solves that problem by allowing the teacher to "complete" a lesson when it is completed, regardless of the actual day/date of completion, particularly as compared to the other lessons. Pedagogically speaking, however, some subjects should be closely related to each other in terms of progression -- the teacher must be mindful of that and control those situations themselves as this application does not support it. That said, the sense of accomplishment by the student on a daily basis is more readily achieved, in this teacher's opinion, if each day starts anew. Printing out a new lesson guide each morning, carrying forward (automatically) the lessons not completed from yesterday, gives the student a fresh start to the day while keeping the "pressure" lightly applied to a whole days work being necessary -- today!


The application is built around a teacher-student model (go figure). There can be two teachers configured per registered user -- this helps parents have an account where either could be assigned as the teacher of any course. Each account may have up to 12 students. Each student may have as many courses as desired in progress simultaneously. Each course will have 180 assignment periods divided into weeks (e.g. Week 12 Day 4). Assignments may be "completed" or "skipped," depending on the needs of the course involved.

How to Start

  1. Register.
  2. Create student(s).
  3. Create course(s).
  4. Create assignment(s).

How to Use Daily

  1. Ensure student has an assignment ready for each course.
  2. Print a student lesson guide.
  3. Complete/skip assignment(s). Repeat for entire day's worth of accomplishments.